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The compact atomic-absorption spectrophotometer


Certificate RU.C.37.010.A є24046
Patent RU.2284018

analytical potential - similar to potentials of devices of leading manufacturers of atomic-absorption equipment
lamps - hollow cathode lamps (HCL)*
- D2 lamp
spectral range - 190 - 600 (on order - 185-850) nm
width of spectral slit - 0,1; 0,25; 0,5; 1,0 mm
operating mode - atomic absorption
- atomic absorption with D2-lamp method correction of the background adsorption
- emission
types of flame - propane Ц air
- acetylene Ц air
- acetylene Ц nitrous oxide
operation - personal computer
operating system - Windows
power ~ 220 V ± 10%, 50 Hz
power input, not more - 50 W
dimensions - 72 х 40 х 40 cm (W х D х H)
weight - 40 kg
* - Universal positioner, which allows to use many types of HLC manufactured by both foreign and domestic producers.

The single-beam atomic-absorption spectrophotometer with the flame atomizer, automatic D2-Lamp method correction of the background adsorption, automatic correction of the base-line drift, multilevel system of safety ensuring the process of work with the burning gases, with the wide analytical potential, with the accessible software, operating in Windows.
Fields of application: metallurgy, raw materials industry, ecology, medicine, manufacturing of medicaments, food industry, quality control of water and food products, goods for household purposes, as well as application in any other scientific, manufacturing and control activity, where the quantitative determination of metals content in various subjects of research is necessary.
Universal positioner of hollow cathode lamps allows easily to install and to fine up on the optical axis of the device hollow cathode lamps (HCL) manufactured by different producers.
Gas-distributing block guarantees the stability of the flame and explosion-proof mode of functioning of the device.
Automatic mode of safety ensuring performs blocking of work of gas-distributing block in case of:
- slake of the flame,
- fall of gas pressure at the input to the device,
- fall of oxidant pressure at the input to the atomizer,
- fall of air pressure in the process of work the flame acetylene Ц nitrogen oxide,
- accidental shutdown of the supply of nitrous oxide in the process of work with the flame acetylene-nitrous oxide,
- switching on of the supply of burning gas without the ignition of the flame,
- emergency shut down of the electric energy. Blocking of work of gas-distributing block consists in termination of supply of burning gas and nitrous oxide together with the simultaneous blow-off of the system by the compressed air.
All parts of the atomizer are made from the high corrosion resistive materials (teflon, titanium), which guarantees long term of exploitation of the device and permanence of its characteristics in the process of exploitation.
The atomizer is equipped with the additional security device, which prevents demolition of the parts of the device and, as consequence, possible traumazing of the machine-man, in case of emergency situation. High-efficiency controllable nebulizer allows the regulate consumption of the fineness.
D2-lamp method of correction of the background absorption with the original control program allows to determine authentically the quantitative content of elements in finenesses of complex mixtures.
Original software, operating in Windows, visual and informative display menu with warning and help messages allow to get acquainted with the analyses method, to change the adjustments of the device promptly, to control the determination process visually, to save the parameters of determination and results of the analysis in the computer memory. The УROUTINE ANALYSISФ regime is provided.
The device is equipped with the high-class utilities. Original technical decisions, implementation of modern materials and technologies in the process of manufacture of the device guarantee reliability and long term of exploitation.
The modular system of the construction of the spectrophotometer allows to produce devices in various configurations and with various degrees of automation and simplifies the service maintenance.